• Sara Kway

Doing Real Work

Coming from a portfolio program like Texas Creative, I never really had the chance to work on real campaigns for real clients, as all of what we did in school was spec work. So being able to work on projects that were shown to clients and work that had the potential to be produced was super exciting for me and sort of a dream come true. While with client work you have to take into account realities of budget constraints and the need to please the client, I think there’s something so satisfying about being able to make work that can have a real impact.

During my first couple weeks at BBDO NY, I helped pull together a ton of comps for a pitch deck for Pedigree Puppy. Hearing about the pitch’s success from the Creative Directors was so exciting since I got to be a part of it, even though I was just starting out and hadn’t really settled into my role yet. Later, when working on Crave pet foods, my partner and I came up with a script about a dog and a Roomba that ended up making its way to the client pitch. The client specifically called out that script as one they liked, and that was so exciting to hear, especially as an intern with so little experience.

While I do miss being able to come up with unrestricted ideas like fast food themed obstacle courses and water park redesigns the way I did when I was building my student portfolio, working on the real stuff that goes out into the world is the reason why I’m here and so much more meaningful.

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