• Sara Kway

MAIP - The Online Internship Experience

I often play a mental game of wondering what what ridiculous extraneous circumstance could ruin a perfectly normal situation, but I never expected a global pandemic to cancel my opportunity to intern in New York City. But whatever, it happened, and the best we could do is roll with the punches.

Through MAIP, I was originally selected to intern with McCann Health NYC, however the internship was cancelled due to the outbreak of Covid-19, and MAIP was moved online to to the Virtual Engagement Program. Since I still have another year before I graduate and really have to start searching for a job, I didn't feel too devastated after the program was moved online because I knew I could always participate in the program again next year. But I still had been looking forward to the hands-on experience of working at a real agency. I'm not the type of person who learns well while being lectured at. My brain learns through trial and error. I like to dive in head first and experiment, analyzing everything so that I can learn from my mistakes to elevate my art direction skills. I was already tired from getting lectured at from my online classes, so the prospect of doing more online sessions through MAIP didn't exactly appeal to me. However, I decided that there would be no harm in participating anyway.

Despite my apprehensiveness, this program has given me a new perspective and new insights into the advertising world. I was able to see how many different agencies work rather than how things are run at just one. Some agencies I liked better than others, and now I have a much more solid idea of the type of agency I want to work for, and the cultural dynamics I'll be looking for when I start my job search. Also, I was able to meet my mentor Quincy Cherry through MAIP, which was very valuable to me as someone who really needed some one-on-one guidance, especially during the weirdness of this pandemic. Overall, I think this program was worthwhile, and I got a lot more out of it than I had bargained for.

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